Llanos Llanelli: Catalina’s Wolf Music Production is ‘WOW!’

Lanlos Llainglin is a graduate of the University of Wales, who is a member of the Llanas Wolf Music production company.Her first gig was at a local music festival, and she was immediately hooked.“We had a few drinks, and then I saw a picture of a young girl singing in the rain,” she said.“That really […]

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How to make your own “Boys Don’t Cry” music video

The “Bros Don’t Die” music videos, which have been released in 2017, were produced by a group of young men in New York City, which is where the music video for the song originated.But the producers weren’t the only ones involved in the video’s creation.We caught up with producer Mikey Deutsch to talk about how […]

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What is ‘Elon Music Production’?

With its name and trademarked name, the internet is filled with stories of a “music production company” whose sole purpose is to make music for people who want to make money from it.In reality, the “Elon” name is a misnomer as the company is not really that involved with producing music.It’s just a front for […]

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How to Create a Lan Music Production on a Raspberry Pi

How to create a music production on a Raspbian laptop, Raspberry Pi.A video tutorial from the maker of the world’s most popular music production system.You can also use this guide to get started on a project with Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pis, or other devices.This tutorial will show you how to get your music to play […]

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Which one is the best digital audio interface for your laptop?

There are several choices out there, and while most of them are very different, you should definitely be sure to check the specs for each one before purchasing.The good news is that most of these audio interfaces will support both Windows and Mac audio, meaning you can use them with any audio system.However, there are […]

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