Which are the best and worst audio production programs for musicians?

In this article, we take a look at the best audio production program for musicians to learn how to make your own music, or to get you started with a music production project.If you’re a musician or audio engineer, you may have heard of the popular audio production software program Audacity.It is one of the […]

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Why it was so important for the man behind ‘Manhattan’ to keep his identity secret

NEW YORK — It’s a good thing for a man to be in a bad situation.When the story of “Manhattan” starts, you know that the protagonist is in some sort of crisis, and the hero is going to make his own luck.That is the idea behind a new production company and actor named Matt Damon.The […]

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Why are we so sad about the death of ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’?

It was a day when I was living in the woods of North Carolina.I was alone and scared.It was the kind of day that brings tears to my eyes.I had been in a coma for five days and had just had my brain surgery.I had lost my sight and my hearing.But I was able to […]

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How to write the perfect home music piece

In many cases, the most important factor when selecting a home-based music production is the song itself.But as we all know, the more songwriting skills you possess, the better the final result.If you’re one of the lucky ones, you may also have access to some truly unique home-made music production software and the ability to […]

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How to Make a Masterclass on The Masterclass Series: Four Music Production Kits

With all the hype surrounding the new Apple TV, the next question that came up for many is how to get the latest and greatest production software to work with it.This is the first in a series of Masterclasses that we’ll be sharing with you on our site in the coming weeks, with the goal […]

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