How to make the perfect music video: A guide

Az-News, a popular online music blog, has a weekly video blog series called The Video Blog that features the latest music videos from the world of electronic music.The videos are usually created by producers of electronic dance music and electronic dance pop.These artists often have a huge following of fans.One of the biggest video creators […]

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When a new technology brings us more freedom than ever, is that enough to make the old one obsolete?

The next generation of home-grown artists may not even need to be that much better to survive.In a new report from The New York Times, it’s possible to make a living as a musician without paying much more than a $1,000 salary.That means, theoretically, a young artist could earn $1 million a year without even […]

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The Chromebook Music Production Workstation is out with an upgrade

A new Chromebook music performance and production workflow for Mac and iOS users.The company’s Chromecast is an entertainment hub that connects to a set of headphones, a music player, and a laptop via USB.This can allow for an entirely new experience for users of the devices.The setup is very straightforward, and it includes a lot […]

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Dell announces $2.9 billion investment in tech startup, invests in new tech companies

Dell announced today it has signed an $8.5 billion investment deal with Digital Foundry to build and operate an incubator for digital music production.The Dell investment will bring Digital Foundr to over 500 companies and create an incubation hub for the digital music industry in the United States.The incubator will work with some of the […]

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