Hollywood music producer: The ‘Gospel Music’ Industry Is ‘Not So Different From The Rest Of It’

Hollywood music producers are not quite the same as the rest of the entertainment industry.Many musicians have worked for decades on movies and television shows that have gone on to become household names.But the industry that has become synonymous with music production in recent years, which has produced songs for shows like “The Sopranos” and […]

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Epic Music Production Kit Review: How the Best Products Work

Music production kits are a must-have item for any professional studio or recording studio, and are essential for getting your music out on the air.This year, Epic Music produced a set of professional music production kits with an impressive lineup of music production products.These kits are great for any music producer, whether you’re a solo […]

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How to build a music production studio with a Raspberry Pi 3 and a Raspberry Pis audio dongle

The Raspberry Pi has a lot going for it.It’s a tiny computer that can power your audio equipment, play games, do all sorts of other stuff, and is an excellent platform for musicians.However, the Raspberry Pi 2, which came out a couple of years ago, has become a bit of a joke among music fans, […]

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What are the major differences between radio and music production?

There are many reasons for the differences between music production and radio production.Some are technical, some are aesthetic, some have political or social significance.Here we discuss them all.Music production can be performed or produced in any order.Radio production is a process in which the audio is sent to a particular source, which may or may […]

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