What’s going on with the NHL’s new digital platform?

A new digital business model is being developed by the NHL that will allow teams to sell their content to fans and to advertisers, according to an announcement by the league.

The announcement by NHL vice president of digital marketing, Jim Riddell, and league president of business development, Eric Fehrnstrom, came after the league released a list of 15 digital services that will soon be available.

The new platform will be called NHL Digital, and it will offer all the elements of an online broadcast company, including ad-supported, subscription-based digital channels, video on demand, live-streamed games and other online services.

The new platform, Riddella said in the announcement, will be developed to allow players, coaches and players management to use all their digital channels to maximize the value of the game.

Riddello said the new platform would be available by the end of the year and could be rolled out at other levels in the coming months.

In its announcement, the NHL said the digital platform will allow the league to expand its reach, while also allowing players, staff and players’ management to build a robust and sustainable business around the game and its players.

The league also plans to make the digital platforms available through a subscription model, and through partnerships with advertisers.

The NHL Digital platform will include digital media and social channels for the players, including social media, video-on-demand, live streaming and social networking.

The platform will also provide content for players management, including video, audio, analytics and player interviews.

Riddell said that during the 2017-18 NHL season, the league saw a total of 3.2 million fans watch the games on digital platforms.

The average audience size of the digital media channels is about 2.4 million, Riddle said.

He said the league will also be working with advertisers on how the digital services can be utilized.

“It’s important for us to be able to support all the players in the market, the fans, the media and the players.

It’s not just for us, it’s for the entire hockey community, and we’ll be looking to make sure that we support all of those different segments,” Riddeller said.

The digital platforms will also allow the NHL to work with other brands.

In addition to the video on-demand channels, the new digital platforms can be used for audio and video on air and in-game.

The platforms can also be used to showcase the game in digital video format and on television.

The league said it will also develop new digital services for team owners, such as analytics and analytics-related content, as well as other media platforms.

Riddle described these as the “third wave” of digital media services for the league.

“These are not just content creation platforms, they are platforms for advertising,” he said.

“This is not just a product.

This is a brand.”

Riddella also announced a partnership with a new digital service provider, called Waze, that will offer traffic and traffic-related news and information in a manner similar to what the NHL is already doing with NHL.com and NHL.ca.

He said the service will be available in 2018.

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