Which song is the best in Hindi cinema?

A webinar by The Hindu titled Which song in Hindi film is the most popular?

was held on Sunday.

It was organised by the India Music Council, which has a long history of producing content in Hindi.

The participants were asked to select the best Hindi song from their favourite films.

Here are some of the highlights: 1.

Bhojpuri song Bhojpur – The title of the webinar is Bhoja-Prakash, the song of the family of the great poet Bhoji Ram, the father of English.

The song is very much rooted in the folk culture and has a deep influence on the lyrics.

The lyrics are extremely rich in poetry and are very much related to Bhojjars life, said Dr Manjinder Singh, Vice-President, Marketing & Communications, IMC.

The audience was invited to write their own responses. 


Kishore Bhatt – This is the second best song in the Hindi film industry, said Prashant Kumar, Executive Director, IMSC.

The Kishores song has an epic sound and very poetic and spiritual themes.

The singer’s vocals have a soulful quality, and it brings a powerful uplifting quality to the song. 


Bollywood song Kashmir – Bollywood has been the country’s best-known musical genre for centuries.

Bhaalas music is based on the traditional dance of Kashmiris.

Its popularity in India is attributed to the popular Bollywood films like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Gangs of Wasseypur and Konkani Bhaag.

The songs of the genre have an appealing sound, catchy melodies and lyrical themes, said the IMSCC’s Dr Manjeet Singh. 


Shashank Bhatia – The song Shashadana has become a favorite in the Indian cinema industry, the participants said.

It has a very beautiful sound and has great lyrics.

Shastras words are very catchy and uplifting. 


Kudam Shanti – The song Kudasan is a popular B-movie and is popular with both young and old.

The film is a romantic comedy about two sisters who live in a very poor house.

It is also known for the beautiful music. 


Bal Thackeray – In the Indian music industry, Bal Thackers song Bal Thackray is a song of great joy and happiness.

It comes from his childhood and it is known for its lyrics that are very uplifting, said Kumar. 


Mahatma Gandhi – This is the song that the audience was asked to write in response to the question ‘Which song is better than Mahatmas?’

The song was created by Mahatms son-in-law and a poet, Balabhadra Ramachandra. 


Tillamani song – Tilamani, the son of the Maharashtrian King Maharaja of Gujarat, was the first Indian king to perform a song that is widely known in India.

The tune is a celebration of life.

It celebrates all things and celebrates the power of the mind and the strength of the spirit.

It’s a song for the everyday life of a person and a song to express the love for his family and loved ones. 


Mahabali song – This song is about the life of Mahabales. 

Mahabali is the name of the Hindu god.

It represents wisdom, knowledge, love, strength, courage, justice, peace, and happiness in general. 


Naveen Patnaik song – The audience also got to choose a song which they would like to hear in their next life. 

 The webinar was organised on behalf of The India Music Awards, the Indian Music Council and the India Arts Council. 


 Kamal Kaul song -The song is a tribute to the late composer Kamal Kauseel, who is best known for his compositions in Hindi films like Kuch Kaar, The King and The Queen and the film Kapoor and Laxmi. 


Maha Bhajan song – Mahabhai, the daughter of the famous poet Kamaal Kausalya, is a modern day Maha Kaul, a modern Hindi actress. 


The Ramayana song – Karna is the hero of the Ramayanas epic poem.

The theme of the song is love, compassion, and compassion is the word that we want to share with the audience. 


The Jangir song – Jang, the Lord of the Universe is the main character of the movie The Lord of The Rings. 


 Kishore Choudhury song – Choudhi, the leader of the Jain community in the late 1800s, is known to have sung the popular song Kishori and has

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