What’s wrong with Spotify?

A big part of Spotify’s business is that it lets users stream music directly from the company’s servers.

It’s a feature that many users have grown tired of, as Spotify has struggled to compete with Apple’s music streaming service, which lets users download and stream music from the iTunes Store.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek is hoping to change all that.

But Ek says that the company won’t stop there.

His company is also launching a new feature in its mobile app, Spotify Plus, which Ek says will let users stream their own music from their own mobile device.

Ek says the new Spotify Plus feature will be launched sometime in the next few weeks, and the company will continue to add new services as well. 

“This new SpotifyPlus service will enable Spotify to provide the most advanced music service on the planet,” Ek says in a blog post.

“We will also make it easy to stream music with Spotify Plus on the device of your choice, from a wide variety of devices.”

He also says that Spotify Plus will provide “the most advanced audio streaming service on a mobile device.”

It seems like Ek is betting that his new service will make Spotify better than Apple’s service, and that he has the necessary technical know-how to get there.

But the fact that Spotify is still building out the service on iOS and Android is worrisome for many users, and it’s possible that this feature will fail to catch on.

The Verge reported that Spotify’s iOS app is still struggling to support Apple Music’s streaming functionality.

Spotify said that it was working to make the new service compatible with iOS 9, but that it’s still not there.

If the feature does get rolled out, it will be at a slower rate than Apple Music, which is available on both iOS and OS X.

In addition to Spotify’s new feature, Ek says he will also soon add support for Pandora and Spotify Premium, which offer a subscription service that lets users buy and listen to radio stations and play songs from Spotify’s catalog.

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