The Hacker News team has been banned from the UK due to ‘punching down’ on journalists

Hacker News has been forced to close its newsrooms in the UK after the company was accused of “punchdowning” journalists over their use of social media.

The move comes after the hacking collective Anonymous claimed to have hacked into a number of US media outlets, including BuzzFeed and Vice.

The hack, which targeted the Twitter account for the company’s UK site, was first reported by the Guardian.

Hackers also claimed to be behind the attack on Vice, which resulted in the website being taken offline.

The hackers have claimed responsibility for a number attacks in the past year, including the release of documents on US Senator Joe Lieberman that were then published on WikiLeaks.

Anonymous is currently targeting US journalists with a number other cyberattacks.

In December, hackers broke into the private Gmail account of New York Times columnist Bret Stephens, who had written a story on the US-Iran nuclear deal.

The article, published on the eve of a meeting between Iran and world powers, was widely criticized for its inaccurate portrayal of the deal, which President Donald Trump has said he will never sign.

Hack attacks in 2016 also targeted the BBC.

In July, hackers targeted the email accounts of a number BBC staff, who were then forced to delete emails from their accounts.

Hack threats in 2017 The hacking collective also targeted journalists from the US, UK and Canada.

In January, a number US media organisations were hacked, including Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post.

The UK Guardian reported that in January, hackers infiltrated the email account of a BBC journalist.

In May, hackers breached the accounts of The Independent and The Times newspaper in the US.

The hacker who hacked into The Independent was later arrested and charged with breaking into a private email account.

The hacks were carried out by two hackers, both of whom were believed to be from Anonymous.

In September, hackers compromised the email address for a senior journalist at the New York Daily News, which had been the target of previous hacking attempts.

The newspaper later tweeted that hackers were behind the hack.

Hack attempts in 2018 Hack attempts were also carried out in 2018, with The Intercept reporting that a group calling itself the ‘Guardians of Peace’ hacked into the email of a member of Parliament.

The email was released on Wednesday after a series of attempts to hack into the account.

Hack efforts were carried by two groups of hackers who were thought to be linked to Anonymous.

Anonymous has claimed responsibility in the hack of an online account used by the Australian Parliament.

In the email, a woman identified as “Ms. M,” wrote: “I am sorry to report that we are not the only ones who hacked the Australian parliament, and that our actions have not deterred any of our comrades.

In any case, if anyone would like to speak to someone in the Australian House of Representatives or the Australian Senate who is not currently on the House payroll, you can do so.

Anonymous also claimed responsibility last year for hacking into a US website, which was later revealed to be run by the National Security Agency (NSA). “

If you wish your contact to speak directly to a Member of Parliament, you must first contact them directly via the Member of the House or Senate’s website.”

Anonymous also claimed responsibility last year for hacking into a US website, which was later revealed to be run by the National Security Agency (NSA).

The hack was carried out over a two-week period.

The group is known to have a strong interest in US political security, having claimed responsibility on numerous occasions for hacks targeting the US and European governments.

The New Yorker magazine reported that the group has targeted the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the Federal Reserve and the Pentagon.

Hack of the US intelligence community Hack attempts to breach US political institutions are extremely rare.

Hack attack on the New Zealand parliament The New Zealand government has announced that a hacker has breached the New England branch of the National Intelligence Service, which is tasked with monitoring the activities of New Zealand’s political and military leaders.

The NZ Herald reported that hackers breached a network of New England politicians, including MPs, ministers and state security advisers.

The hacking attempt targeted the Osprey Network, which runs the NSA’s Cyber Command.

Hack attempt on the Australian Federal Police Hack attack targeting the Australian federal police was reported on Wednesday, with a hacker claiming to have breached the agency’s website.

The Australian Federal Intelligence Service (AFIS), a government body responsible for gathering intelligence on domestic and foreign threats, said the attack took place on the day the department was to issue its annual update on cyber security.

The breach was first detected by a member within the organisation, the spokesperson told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The AFP was also advised of the hack on Wednesday.

The spokesperson said the hackers were attempting to breach a system that holds data from the national police and state agencies.

Hack on the UK parliament Hack attempts targeting UK politicians and their staff are highly rare.

In February, hackers released a series the data of a senior member of the British parliament’s research

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