How the Kardashians created the genre of music that they sing about

The Kardashians are well known for creating pop culture, from the Kardashian reality show to their hit song “The Power.”

Now the ladies are using their music to raise money for charitable causes, and they’re taking it a step further.

In a new Kickstarter campaign, the Krogers are using music to help them raise money to help people with cancer.

“The Power” is one of the songs featured in the campaign.

The Krogs’ mission is to help cancer patients, and their family members, with cancer by using their celebrity to raise funds for cancer research.

In this Kickstarter campaign they are asking for donations to be made through the use of music to make donations to cancer research charities.

The music will be used in the show’s theme song, and will be recorded at a Krog Studios in LA.

Each song will be produced and distributed by the Kardashies, with the proceeds going to a cancer charity.

The campaign is being run by the Kritters’ longtime music manager, Tyler, James, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and is open to all ages, races and genders.

The song will include lyrics by the stars of the show, as well as a portion of proceeds going directly to cancer charities.

“We wanted to create a song that is incredibly personal to the Kardashia family, and we think we’ve created a song for the Kardashias that has a really special story behind it,” Tyler Krog said.

“There is a story behind that song that’s very powerful, and it’s a story that is very personal to our family.”

The campaign has raised $5,700 of its $40,000 goal.

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