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Music production university students are going to be thrilled to discover they have a new favourite music production school.

The College of Music and Music Arts (CMA) has been awarded a grant of $3.5 million from the Arts Council of Victoria to develop the new Music Technology Centre (MTC).

The university’s new campus, located in the CBD of the city, will be set up next year.

The MTC is designed to prepare students for careers in music production.

The new MTC will be based in Melbourne and is expected to attract a population of 500 students.CMA is the first university in Victoria to receive a funding award for music technology.

Cameron O’Connor, MTC chief executive officer, said the university had secured a significant investment from the federal government.

“We are excited to receive the funding to further expand our music technology research,” he said.

“The MTS is the latest addition to the CMA’s growing portfolio of university-related technologies and is an important tool for students in music to further develop their skills and broaden their horizons.”

The MTT is the only university in Australia to have received a federal funding grant for a technology hub.

The university has been studying the feasibility of developing a music production centre in Melbourne since last year.MTC co-founder and CEO Chris Stansfield said the MTC would provide a great platform for young artists to work and develop their work.

“It is an exciting time to be at the MTS and I think we are all going to enjoy working with the team and with the students who will work on the MTT,” Mr Stansford said.

Mr Stansfeill said MTC was excited to have the state government’s $3 million funding for the MTA, which is an industry development program, as part of its investment.

“I think it will provide a tremendous boost to the MTR and we are looking forward to working with our university partners on our technology hub,” he explained.

“As we continue to invest in our research and the university’s technology hub, I think that the next step will be the expansion of our arts sector.”


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