You can get a music production studio for $5,000

A music production company is no longer a novelty.

You can now get one for $10,000, as the makers of popular recording software and music production software get a new, more powerful model, called the Lyricio, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

The Lyriciaion is a $15,000 machine that, according to the company’s website, will produce a “high-quality, highly expressive and dynamic sound” from “a large number of samples” for up to two hours.

The machine will also be able to “record the audio of any sound source” with up to eight channels, and it will “generate music, sound effects and video files.”

It will also allow for “recordings, voice overs, effects and music in the same way that you record, edit and record a movie,” according to a press release.

It’s not clear how much this will cost, but we can assume it will be a lot, considering it will come with a built-in speaker and a high-quality microphone.

It’s also worth noting that the company has already secured the necessary licenses to use the Lyricsio for a range of other projects.

According to the press release, the Lyrianiaion will be the first production software in which the company plans to use a “global community of music producers and technicians.”

That means that, unlike with other music production tools, the company can build out its product to include an extensive set of plugins and extensions that will help users “immerse themselves in the world of music.”

It’s unclear whether the company will make any money from the Lyriansio itself.

It does have some pretty big-name supporters in the music world.

One of those is the Recording Industry Association of America, which said it’s excited to partner with the company and hopes that the Lyreium will “open up a new era for the creative creation of digital music.”

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