How to make a ‘faux’ sequel to Metal Gear Solid 5

A new Metal Gear video has hit the internet and it’s actually quite pretty, if you ask us.

The Metal Gear 5 “Ride the Storm” video is a pretty straightforward tribute to a classic Konami-developed game that’s long been overlooked in the Metal Gear world.

It starts off with some of the game’s iconic gameplay elements, including the first time Snake encounters a helicopter, the opening sequence of the first chapter, and the moment Snake takes on the Codec.

Then it moves onto a rather simple, yet clever level design, and it has Snake in a helicopter and a couple of guns.

It’s a neat take on the Metal Gears gameplay mechanics and it shows a great deal of promise.

It’s also pretty funny and it definitely looks like a very, very early prototype of a game from Konami.

The video’s popularity is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

The Metal Gear series has been in the news a lot over the last couple of years, with the release of the new Metal Gears game, the return of Metal Gear 3, and even the return in 2019 of the Metal GEAR Solid 4 game.

As a fan of the series, we’re excited to see how the Metal, Gears, and Raiden series will fare with this video.

What do you think of the video?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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