How Benilde: Music from ‘Macos Music’ helped me deal with depression

By MALCOLM DENBORNE The Washington TimesArtwork by Benjamin L. BrumleyThe Washington PostBenilde is an American folk singer whose music has been described as “macros music” in the media.

The music was originally recorded for the 1959 Disney film Macros, starring Fred Astaire and Marilyn Monroe.

Its release coincided with the Great Depression, and it’s the subject of a new book by music professor at the University of Chicago’s Kennedy School, Benjamin L., that examines the impact the music had on Brumleys life during the Great Recession.

For years, Benilde has been making music for other artists, including rock bands like Guns N’ Roses and Blink-182, but her work has been influenced by folk music, blues, and country.

Brumley, an associate professor of music education and music production at the Kennedy School and a composer and conductor, has written a book about Benilde’s music called Macros: The Story of a Singer and Her World.

He told The Times that he heard Benilde perform on the set of the film “Macros” while on a tour in 2008.

Benilde was an avid reader, and she enjoyed reading and writing about the world around her, said Brumly, who also taught music at the college.

She wanted to explore what it meant to live in a time when there was a lot of fear, uncertainty and hopelessness, he said.

“She was a very driven person, a very, very good listener, and very, a lot, good reader,” Brumles said.

She was also very aware of her body, which was a huge problem, and that she had to go to the gym and work out.

And she was very protective of her skin, and really, really, she wanted to keep it nice and fresh.

Her body had become an object, and her mind had become a tool, he explained.

Benildes health problems, which include high blood pressure and diabetes, are also well-known.

Benilettes health problems are not new, and have been discussed in the news in the past, but this was one of the first times that they were discussed in a scholarly context, Brumler said.

Benilde died on March 19, and there are several other singers who have died in recent years.

Brumbley said Benilde lived a long, happy life, which included two marriages and four children.

Benilda’s mother, Maria, was a dancer who died when she was a young girl.

Brummley said that Benilde had many interests, including opera and classical music.

Benisa is survived by her husband, Tom Brumbly, and two sons.

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