How to turn your iPhone into a drone and fly it on the move

The world’s first “fly on the wall” home automation system is ready to be installed in a home in a Texas town.

The new device is the brainchild of Christian music producer and engineer Paul Knecht and is currently being built at a former Air Force base.

The company behind the home automation is called Christian Audio Systems, and its founders are Christian Knech and Christian Daugherty.

Kneche says the device is capable of controlling a home’s TV and audio system remotely, with the help of a remote controller, with a simple web interface.

The device will allow you to control the home’s lighting, heating, and air conditioning remotely, as well as turning on or off the lights and the thermostat.

The system also connects to other devices via Wi-Fi, but Knechents goal is to make the system an extension of your phone, tablet, or computer.

Christian Audio also announced that the device will be available to the public on January 14th, 2018.

Christian audio systems was founded in 2015, after Kneich had a dream of creating a home automation platform for people that could control their home from anywhere.

His dream was to build an automation platform that would be easy to use, yet secure, and could also be easily controlled by anyone.

He created Christian Audio to create an automated system that would automate the home, while also providing the flexibility to integrate it with a wide range of other home automation systems.

He said that the main reason for creating the system was that his wife had a cat and he wanted to give her the ability to control her own home.

KNECH: It was kind of the same as having a car or a home computer or any other piece of hardware.

We wanted to have something that was very secure and could do things with it, but at the same time we were also very flexible.

It’s like having a house, but you can do things in your garage or on the internet or whatever you want.

That’s where it comes from.

DUGHNE: We wanted it to be a flexible piece of equipment.

I mean, we wanted it be a smart home that could connect to everything else that you want to do with it.

And so, it would have the capability to control any number of devices, from your television to your thermostats.

I think there are a lot of home automation devices that are based on a wireless protocol, but I think the technology is really starting to mature.

We think it can be a very powerful platform.

We’re really excited about it.

CHRISTIAN AUDIO SYSTEMS: I think people are kind of excited by this idea because we want to have a more flexible system.

KLECH: We want to build the system into our existing systems and then bring it to the next level.

We want it to do things that you can’t even imagine, and that you’re just going to have to put in a new system to control.

We’ve got our own custom control panel and we’re using an existing software solution.

DOUGHTY: We’re going to take our existing control panel, turn it into a remote control, and then use that remote control to do a lot more than just control the lights or the thermoregulation.

KRECH: What we’re trying to do is give people more freedom and control over their home.

It’ll have a lot in common with how your phone works.

We will allow people to control everything, including their lights, your thermoregmation, and the light that goes on at night.

The home automation company will also have an app, which will allow owners to manage everything from controlling the temperature to turning on the air conditioning, but the big thing we’re looking for is flexibility.

We don’t want to put you in a situation where you’re not able to do everything, because then it becomes more like having to put the phone down.

CHRISTIANS A-TEAM: You want to be able to have the flexibility of not having to take the phone out of your pocket?


DOGE: You can put it in your pocket or on your belt or whatever, but we want people to be very comfortable.

We like to make sure that people are comfortable with the idea of controlling their own home, but not necessarily having to do anything, which we believe is really important.

CHRISTIE A- TEAM: We don of course, but this is a lot like what our phone does, right?

DUGHE: Yeah, it’s very similar.

CHRISTIA TEAM: You are able to control your home remotely?

KLEACH: It’s a very similar concept.

You’re not really controlling your own home at all, you’re controlling something that’s happening in your house, like lights and things that are happening in the air conditioner or the television.

It can control the entire home.


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