The Indian Musical Heritage Products Collection – Music Production

In a country where the most popular musical instruments are usually made of glass, the musical instruments made of bronze, metal, wood and copper are often considered relics.In recent years, the Indian government has begun to revive its cultural heritage and music production.One such revival is the music production music collection which includes instruments such […]

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How to write your own Antietam Music Production title How To Write Your Own Antietams Music Production

Now Playing: Alyssa Milano sings ‘Crazy’ on Broadway Now Playing…The 100-Year-Old Musical You’ve Never Heard Of Now Playing..What is a Musical and Why Is It Called A Musical?Now Playing!New musical from Broadway musical ‘The Hateful Eight’ Now Playing ‘Dangerous Woman’ opens nationwide on BroadwayNow Playing: Disney’s ‘Pixar’ to open on Broadway, Disney Channel Now Playing:’Mockingjay […]

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When The Hammersmiths’ Hammers ‘Music’ is No Longer Just Musical, It’s a Musical Artifact

The Hamster Musical has been around since it was invented by John Ford, and the first three musical productions were all about Hammers.The first, Hammers at the Opera in 1877, had Ford singing with a full orchestra.The second, Hamming the Musical, was a live-action musical from 1884, which featured Hammers, but was also filmed on […]

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Why is Glasgow’s Music Production Music Production Mentioned in ‘The Hobbit’?

Glaso’s Music production in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit, has been described as a “gigantic, multi-layered, multi­ dimensional music project”.However, in a new interview, the Glasgow-based music producer has revealed he doesn’t think it’s the most accurate description.Glasgow-based producer Alex Stiles, who produced the theme for the Hobbit film, said he was […]

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Why you should watch Smoothman’s Music Production 101 series

It’s hard to overstate how good this is.It’s like watching a documentary with a soundtrack.It has a lot of great tunes and a lot more than you could ever hope to see in a documentary.This documentary will take you from the moment the show starts to the end of the series.So if you want to […]

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Aussie producer, producer and engineer named ‘the most innovative artist’ in the world

In 2018, a year after his album, My Baby, became a huge success, Kool G Rap announced he was quitting his day job as a video editor.He left behind a career that included a stint on MTV’s VH1 show, and the likes of DJ Mustard and DJ Premier.He also co-founded and led a successful podcast, […]

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